Batteries for airbags
Megatrend today is the transition from diesel and gasoline engines to electric motors. Together with INNOVAX we have developed a new case for hovercrafts. Company INNOVAX plans to produce single and double hovercraft. In this case, the driver will be placed on the model of the hydraulic scooter, the so-called motor landing. The purpose of the new device is to transport the driver and the passenger from the yacht to the shore bypassing the reefs, rocks and other obstacles, etc. In addition, such boats are planned to be used both in the entertainment segment, for outdoor activities, fishing, and for use by government agencies, for example, the Ministry of emergency situations.

General director of INNOVAX Arthur Gerasimov turned to us with a question about converting the boat on alternative energy. In the case of hovercraft, the electric motor gives a number of advantages:

1. High torque at low weight and engine size.
2. Reduced maintenance requirements.
3. Reducing the cost of ownership of the device.

We asked more than 30 counter-questions whether it is possible to achieve electrification of a double hovercraft in the conditions of the total weight of the power plant not more than 170 kg, the required operating time of not less than 4 hours and the engine power of 50 kilowatts. Having found out the limitations in terms of weight, required power, speed, duration of use, operating conditions, the influence of temperature factors, the planned cost of the final device, we have put together the following picture:

We have: the weight of the entire power plant is not more than 170 kg. The power of the electric motor is up to 50 kilowatts. Cruising power-35-40 kilowatts. The required duration of the ride is 3-4 hours. Operating temperature from -30 to +60.

A completely maintenance-free and self-contained solution is needed.

As a solution, we have worked and offered 3 possible options for energy supply:

1. Only on the batteries, taking into account the limitation on the duration of no more than 40 minutes.
2. On fuel cells, taking into account the high cost of "filling" (going beyond the budget). 3. Hybrid system with power part on electric power and generating power from the engine.

As a result, we have made a choice in favor of a hybrid installation that combines diesel or gasoline generator, which will be responsible for the duration of the unit as a whole. The battery must have good pulse power and energy, withstand peak power and able to work a sufficient number of cycles in the dynamic operation of the device.

The energy element is ready to choose the optimal solution for any task!

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