Electric scooters will travel for many years
The Energoelement provides consulting services on the recommended selection of batteries and Assembly of the final energy storage. In our laboratory at the Skolkovo innovation center profile projects are developed, one of which is our case Samocat. The case is built on the basis of cooperation with Samocat Sharing company in the creation of automatic rolling stations for electric scooters.

A new form of interaction opened up promising business opportunities: a commercially successful idea of full battery rental appeared. The idea of renting out electric scooters for temporary use becomes more relevant with the provision of unlimited access to their use in the form of replaceable batteries. The world's first automatic car hire station Segways were invented by Samocat Sharing. Technical director Alexey Kostyrya wondered about the rational and efficient use of the batteries in electric scooters:
'An electric skateboard is moving with a fairly high average speed - 25 km/h. Electric battery for this scooter, especially in rental, is a very important element. The existing technologies allow to use the battery for about an hour, and it should be charged for about two hours. That's why the battery in our scooter is removable and the user can always replace it himself'.
We faced the task of competent selection of batteries to ensure the minimum cost of ownership of the scooter. The emphasis was placed on the battery with maximum life in the form of charge/discharge cycles and compliance with large discharge constant currents. The peak power of the scooter is up to 500W, and the overall dimensions are an important feature of the final type of drive.

The element must have a high working capacity: according to the calculated data, not less than 4-4.5 a*h. under such characteristics, the format 20700 is well suited. For this industry, it is still a new format, because it is not widely represented electrochemistry, which allows to provide the resource of the element more than 1000 cycles without loss of capacity. The energy element has found an intermediate solution in the new 18650 format.
'The professional approach of the Energoelement has allowed us to create a record in size and weight of the battery, which, how we think, has every chance to become a standard for light electric transport. So, in the near future, you can literally fly on electric scooters: easily and quickly', - said Alexey Kostyrya.
We plan to continue our cooperation with Samocat Sharing and develop a special format and parameters of the element corresponding to the strategic goals. After the Assembly of the removable power module of the electric scooter and its direct testing will begin.

Electric scooters is a new era of mobile vehicles. Unlike other mobile devices: blisks, hydrometer, segway and bicycle, scooters are lighter and more compact snd with them it is much easier to get in public transport, office, shop, etc. They hey are gaining popularity in society, thereby influencing the appearance of the city and the habits of its inhabitants.

Today the purchase of electric scooter is incredibly popular, and rental services are already successfully operating in Moscow (Skolkovo) and Finland. Samocat Sharing is preparing to release the first pre-production model of a series of prototypes of electric scooters. A cloud service and mobile application will soon become available to the mass consumer.

Fall in love with electric scooters on advanced batteries available on the official website Samocat Sharing.
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