Experts gave advice to the portal 'Latest news', how not to ruin the lithium-ion battery phones. Many put the phone to charge at night, but it is very harmful to the battery: after reaching the maximum charge, the charger is turned off, the phone gradually loses charge and begins to recharge again. This activates the stress mode of the battery, which makes it wear out faster. It is best to charge your phone just before work or leaving home. It is necessary to avoid various extremes: do not discharge the phone below 20 percent and do not reach a charge of one hundred percent. The most optimal level of charge - from 40 to 80 percent.
Naturally, this caused a backlash in us. In fact, nothing new. The battery should not be fully discharged and charged to 100% - that's right. One of the main causes of battery failure - discharge-charging, and the less such full cycles, the longer the battery will last. This is due to the fact that during the charge lithium enters the anode (negative electrode) and expands it, which leads to cracking of the anode and loss of properties.

It is important that such micro-charges/sub-discharges in the scale of changes in the structure of the active mass are extremely insignificant percentage. Accordingly, the effect on the actual loss of battery capacity is small. The authors of the article suggest to keep the charge in the middle - it is more suitable for industrial, expensive batteries. We also advise to focus on those areas of use of batteries, where their cost is more expensive in hundreds of thousands of times and where it will really have an impact.

Meanwhile, we have an interesting plan that is already being implemented. We started with iPhone 6s and ordered batteries from six different manufacturers on AliExpress. We will test them. Why do we need this? It's simple: the choice of batteries should be approached consciously and focus on the needs. Someone suit less energy-intensive battery for infrequent calls, someone on the contrary the high energy needed for active play. For frequent working calls need a quality battery that will last long and high quality. So we'll see who is the most resistant.

As soon as the batteries lose 20% of their capacity, we'll do visual crash tests and show how much we can trust them. And you will be the first to know about the results of the test.

We are always makes sure that you have the best battery!

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