Lawmakers of Washington state against the background of the scandal with the slowdown of old Apple smartphones are ready to pass a bill prohibiting the sale of electronic devices in which users can not replace the batteries themselves. Manufacturers of equipment want the customer to buy a new version instead of repair. Most often, the laws try to prohibit such practices in General and guarantee consumers 'the right to repair. The scandal with Apple has brought to light a specific problem — which American legislators have been engaged in. It is expected that in Washington the ban on non-removable batteries will begin to operate in January 2019.

The bill drew attention to the resource Motherboard: the bill has already received the approval of the relevant Committee and is in the stages of verification before the vote. Legislators have made sure that it doesn't lead to a ban on the sale of miniature devices (wireless headphones or headsets) in which removable batteries are really difficult to build. However, all flat-screen devices-smartphones, e—books, and laptops-must have replaceable batteries. The author of the project Jeff Morris says that he developed it before the news about the deliberate slowdown of the company Applesmartton users, but it was this scandal that gave the bill the necessary impetus.
Now projects in protection of 'the right to repair' are considered in 17 States of the USA.

All of them are aimed against the practice of companies to make it difficult to change certain components in their devices. Attention to this area was already enough for companies to slightly loosen their grip. For example, they did not force customers to use only authorized service centers. Apple just provided 400 screen replacement machines to third-party service companies last year. The Washington initiative will have to withstand serious pressure from lobbyists to make the project become law. A coalition of 14 trade organizations, including the Association of consumer technologies, is opposed, believing that if gadgets can be picked by everyone, it will make their use unsafe.

Against the background of the scandal, Apple was forced to revise its policy regarding customer support, which does not want to give up the usual devices. Previously announced 'eternal' battery company agreed to change at a discount, and in the new versions of iPhones allowed to disable the slow function at all.
In our opinion, this is absolutely correct! A battery is a consumable. If the device is in good condition or meets the requirements for functionality and operation after 2 years after its use (2 years are the average battery life), then, of course, it is much more profitable to replace the battery. Today the user is most often faced with a situation where a good working gadget fails battery, which must be changed with a frequent and absolutely unprofitable frequency. Undoubtedly, replaceable batteries should be not just in every gadget, but also in wide access for the consumer.
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